Quiz #1

Quiz #1 will cover material for Lectures 1 - 8.

It is designed to take 45 minutes, though you will actually have the entire class period (well, 75 minutes) to take the quiz. You should feel no time pressure at all.

Use the study guide linked below to ensure you are prepared. This guide is a collection of all the objectives that I show at the end of each lecture. When I write the quiz, I chose some of those objectives and use them to guide me as I write each question. The idea is that I've told you what I want you to know from each lecture, so I should assess your knowledge of that lecture's material by asking you what I expect you to know (the objectives).

I've also posted a text version of the course objectives so that you may more easily use them in your preparation. For instance, you could import them into your favorite word processor and create your own outline.